Not Your Average Custom Home Builders in Fayetteville, NC

We are a full service Real Estate Investment Company, specializing in quality custom home remodels and renovations.

Our business model is based on the core beliefs of owner Shaun Gardner: creating a quality product comes before making a profit. In fact, we know that without the quality, ultimately our bottom line will suffer. As custom home builders in Fayetteville NC, detailed planning and preparation goes into each project, and we take the time to consider each property our own. Just take a look at some of our previous work — dozens of properties in just the past few years.

Looking to buy a home in or around Fayetteville, The Sandhills Area or Fort Bragg NC?

Consider buying an existing home and remodeling it to your taste and preference. As both real estate investors and custom home builders, we can help make that happen — all in one mortgage! Contact us today!

Thinking about building your dream home?

The idea of having a home designed around your preferences is appealing. But timelines, the high cost of upgrades, and the lack of quality building locations have made this more than difficult for many people. As custom home builders, we took a different approach to helping our customers get the house of their dreams — and usually for a lot less. By remodeling an existing home, our customers get the perfect house and the perfect location. Contact us today!

Need to sell your home in or around Fayetteville, NC fast?

For every home we sell, there’s another we have to buy. We are backed by investors and therefore we can pay cash for your home and settle faster than a typical buyer. We are looking for a specific type of home and yours may fit the bill! Learn more about selling your home for cash.

Would you like to make 10-15% annually on an investment?

Whether you have extra cash to invest for a specific goal or you want to boost your retirement savings with a self-directed IRA, consider Precision Properties a sound, quality investment opportunity. Learn more about the logic behind our company and why investing in our endeavors just makes cents… lots of them.

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